The Advanced Art curriculum provides an opportunity for students to build a college entrance portfolio.
A completed student portfolio models the New York State Portfolio assessment requirements.
Additional portfolio selection may be added to meet other requirements such as:

  • TC3 Portfolio
  • Job Market Portfolio
  • Scholastic Art Competition Portfolio

Specific assignments may be given to assist students develop individual strengths and provide students
an opportunity to demonstrate:

  • Originality and Creativity.
  • Understanding concerning the history of the art form, diversity of cultural heritage,
    art criticism and the process for making aesthetic judgements.
  • Skills in a variety of resources and art media.

Sketchbooks are a required element for this class. Each student will be given weekly sketchbook assignments
in the form of problem solving, written responses to artwork, or an at-home assignment. Specifics will be given
out on Friday of the prior week the assignment is due. Grading will vary according to assignment.

Upon completion of this course students should:
  • Have a thorough and complete major sequence level portfolio.
  • Be able to write a comprehensive critical ananysis of their own and other's work including: description
    analysis and judgement.
  • Be able to speak intelligently about their own and other's work using the appropriate art terminology.