This course develops concepts, theories and hands-on techniques established in the Foundations in Art course.
Students must be willing to:

  • Present a postive attitude.
  • Inquire about and explore the many facits of expression we call art.
  • Be able to work independently.
  • Be able to establish goals and set realistic time frames for each self-selected project.
  • Be willing to research art styles and medium relevant to each project.
  • Work in a collaborative environment - learning from other students.
  • Be willing to seek help and take constructive criticism from instructor and peers.
  • Respect classmates.
  • Respect art materials and art environment.
  • Be willing to take risks.
  • Be willing to work within specific time frames for each project.
  • Be willing to learn one's own limitations.
  • Be willing to go beyond their individual "comfort zone".
  • Be willing to keep a sketchbook journal.