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2021-2022 Curriculum Guide 
College Reps and Military Recruiters visit our school regularly.   If you are interested in talking with either a college rep or a military recruiter, they generally will set up a table outside the cafeteria during the junior and senior lunch periods.   Their visits will also be announced, so listen to the morning and afternoon announcements.   

Also, if you do not wish to have your name, address, and phone number made available to military recruiters, college representatives, or any other outside agencies, you must complete the form requesting that we not release this information.   This form was mailed with your schedules in August - it must be given to Mrs. VanZandt by September 16, 2016.

ASVAB - Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery - is a test administered in April, by the military, to all juniors.  The purpose of this test is to provide tools to help students learn more about career exploration and help in planning their future.  Mrs. Brew will share the results of this test when meeting with students concerning their goals after high school.

Student Public Relations Permission - Forms were mailed in August with the school schedules.   If you choose not to grant permission to GCS to utilize your child's photograph, you must return this form to Mrs. VanZandt in the Student Services Office.   Note that this includes sports events as well as academic programs.

Senior Surveys are distributed in early spring - right after winter break.  This survey determines in-house scholarships and awards at graduation.   When outside sponsors choose recipients for their awards, this is the form that is sent to them.   So, when completing this form, do so neatly and as accurately as you can.    See Mrs. Diedrickson for further information.

Boys State and Girls State are week-long summer programs sponsored by the American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary and are held for students who have completed their junior years.  Two girls and two boys from Groton High School are selected each year.  All expenses are paid by the Legions.
This is a nonpartisan program that teaches responsible citizenship and how our local, county and state governments operate.  Participants are chosen in early spring.  If you would like to be nominated, see Mrs. VanZandt.   This is a highly recognized and respected program and would look impressive on your college applications!

Driver's Ed is offered in the summer.  There is a fee as well as a time commitment.   If you choose to take this class, be sure that you schedule summer jobs and vacations around the class.   In addition to grades received in the classroom and in the car, you must meet the number of hours of instruction determined by NYSED.  Registration begins late April/early May.   See Mrs. VanZandt if you are interested.

PSAT - Preliminary SAT is administered every October.  This exam is available to all sophomores and juniors.  This is practice for the actual SAT taken in the junior and senior years.  Register with Mrs. VanZandt in the Student Services Office.  There is a fee required -- fee waivers are available for any students that qualify for the free/reduced lunch program.   See Mrs. Brew if you think you may be eligible for a fee waiver.

Working Papers are available in the Student Services Office or online.  Know that you must furnish your social security number and have proof of a physical within the calendar year as part of the application.

Dignity for All Students - Harassment, Hazing and/or Bullying will not be tolerated.   Please - anyone who observes knows about or is the target of bullying, please report these incidents to a faculty/staff member.   You will be given a documentation form and the incident will be immediately investigated.  

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