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The Groton Education Fund (GEF) fund was established to provide financial support for educational initiatives that supplement and enrich the Groton Central School. Projects selected for funding would be those outside the realm of the district’s general operating budget and are evaluated based on their ability to support our students by demonstrating a focus on academic excellence, support for innovative ideas, opportunities for collaboration and partnerships and financial efficiency.
Every year the cost of providing a sound, basic, and quality education program for ALL students continues to escalate. At the same time, State and federal support continues to decline. This has caused many districts across the nation to look to educational foundations to raise funds to fill the gaps.
The Groton Education Fund is a non-profit organization operating independently of the school district. We are affiliated with the Community Foundation of Tompkins County, as this is the most efficient method for our organization to be recognized as a private education fund. The Community Foundation of Tompkins County serves as an umbrella group providing audit services, investing our funds, and assisting with organizational tasks. Our local advisory group recommends to the Foundation those projects we wish to fund for the Groton Central School District. Final funding decisions must receive official approval from the Board of Directors of the Community Foundation in compliance with state and federal tax regulations.
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