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Ross Field Update

GREAT NEWS!!!!!  Ross Field will be ready for play as of Monday afternoon!  There is still a bit of construction going on at that facility, so we will need to work around that work, but we are able to get on the turf for athletic contests.  Because we are working around construction, we are asking that all spectators follow the below protocols.  I know that some of this will be an inconvenience, so I am thanking all of you ahead of time for your patience and understanding while we get the project buttoned up. See you all at Ross Field!


  • Parking:  Parking will be limited to the Baken Ave. parking lot only, as there is still a significant amount of construction going on at the concession stand.  Due to the limited number of parking spaces, we are asking families that are able to park at the Village Parking lot on Main Street (across from the Legion) until further notice.  In that way, we are reserving the available parking spaces for those people that need accessibility.

  • A-Turf field surface:  In order to be sure we are not contaminating the new field with dirt, gravel, etc., only authorized personnel will be allowed on the artificial turf.  That includes players, coaches, and official photographers.

  • No food or chewing gum is allowed on the field.  Players have been instructed to bring clear fluids only, as colored drinks will stain the field.

  • No pets are allowed at the facility at any time.

  • The grass that has been put down at Ross Field is freshly laid sod that cannot be walked on for the first six months.  Therefore, please stay off the grass areas at all times.

  • There are no indoor bathrooms available at Ross Field as the concession stand is not yet completed.  We will have port-a-johns on site.

  • We have bleachers available on one side of the field… feel free to bring a lawn chair if you wish to sit by the fence that surrounds the field. 

Ross Field Video by John Brehm
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