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The College Admissions Rubric

Are you looking to better understand the college admissions process (especially post-COVID)???

Join us for a free, live webinar with IvyWise (one of the leading educational consulting companies worldwide) on
Tuesday, March 7 from 6-7:15pm to learn more about the College Admission Rubric and how colleges admit students.

They will help demystify the college admissions process and share tips for students to make their applications stand out! You and your students can participate in the comfort of your own home and ask questions and get answers in real-time!

It is never too early to gain a better understanding of the college admissions process! We invite all 8th-11th grade students and families (and anyone else that is interested:) to join us on Tuesday, March 7 from 6-7:15pm. Click on the link to register.

Click on the link to register: The College Admissions Rubric

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